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Nov 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of the remedies that are being proposed to the european level to very hot topics lately. possible tax on an alliance and the other tax on cars for carnations. if we can start with the with the airline issue of course the commission had to backtrack on a previous proposal about this because it was say resisted by commercial airline interest is that the present still have a future. yes it has sped what we achieved. but 'd like to call back tracking. that was that one months ago. in montreal. we had the whole world not for the first time ever two great now we need a local market based mechanism for and the nation and the nation so for the fast time the welcome aviation industries and conscience acceptance that a geisha also has to be part of the solution as the small things that aren't quite the same. and while we awaiting follow the teachings of that to be settled and the purchase of stock to wait from twenty twenty. then in europe we will still say because when i take and and and and the plane. why should i do not pay for my promotion when you can't change because of some icing was kis
Nov 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
it to the tax would cost the lives of civilians to bombing attempts of the bridge sale of one of the us was a suicide bombing the first infusion as seen in over ten years ago and so on the beach and suits us something we already know that not a civilian lives. it dealt another blow to change its image as a true destination so they waited for news that the economy. so the new prime minister will try to better then that the local islamist government in during one such instance sandy said the injection sites rest and i just come back from a full month break and his staff has already been suspended. the cbc channel that as this program has decided to pull the plug on to yousef make fun of them in a tree and the entry and governments on to the study several legal complaints have been filed against the comedienne them at lax as it rejects the insults he makes towards egyptian and politicians. it was he sets a fast exit since the ouster of the islamic present mohamad more see his depart engine i sparked a wave of deadly protests. grayson nineties adding support to the independence of the new p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2